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Right On Bracket

Right On Collection was created to provide high-end American made products. Our partner website Right On Bracket is similar, but targeted towards builders, contractors, and bracket specific. Still American made products, but more heavy duty than Right On Collection.

Above both companies, Right On Industries is the parent company of all “Right On” brands.

Currently, Right On Collection sells the following products:

  • Hidden Shelf Brackets
  • Floating Shelf Brackets
  • Angle Shelf Brackets
  • Hook Shelf Brackets
  • Lip Shelf Brackets

All products have the same purpose to support or anchor shelves, but have different mounting applications. Hidden Shelf Brackets are mounted directly to studs behind drywall, which creates a high weight capacity and reliable hold. The rest of the brackets are mounted on the outside of drywall to the studs. The creates a simple instillation process while maintaining a strong hold.

These products are also available at Right On Bracket. We’re listing them here as well, because they match the Right On Collection brand as well. American made products that are very modern and look great in any room!

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